About Us

Harini Duta Ayu (HDA), PT is a company that is formed on the basis to fulfill the world's fisheries needs for qualified skilled worker. It began in 1987 when a Japan Tuna Long Line company was in need of crews for their vessels, it picked up from then on until today. Since then we have evolved and also pioneered this service in Indonesia, getting goverment grants from Japan and Indonesia to further develop our services in the manning industry. We diversified and developed a training centre to further better the workers that we send out, and today we also train and certify Observers professionals, with the cooperation from the Japan Tuna Association, whom will work to monitor and capture research data at the fishing vessel.

30.000 skilled workers has been sent out with an average of 1500 per year, dispatched to fishing area around Hawaii, Las Palmas, Spain, South Korea, South Africa and South America; and each individual contract that last from one to two years. Many times our company received awards but one is close to our heart was the first one here, a recognition and milestone in sending 10.000 skilled workers to various Japanese fishing vessels :

Our Vision

Be the best company in this service industry, generating and distributing highly qualified human resource in the fisheries industry.

Our Mission

  • Producing and dispatching professionals and qualified human resources to suits the needs of users worldwide
  • Providing excellent service and value added solutions for clients.
  • Maintain high ethical standard in every aspect of our institution.